Casestudy: Vaasara




July 2021

Project Type:

Website design
Video Campaign

Client Overview

Vaasara is a UAE based Beauty Tech startup that was established in 2018 and has raised over $1.5 Million in funding. 

They identified an opportunity in Dubai to digitize the beauty industry by connecting the users to salons, spas & clinics directly. With over 450 salons, spas and clinics spread over the UAE and over 10k active customers, Vaasara is one of UAE’s most promising startups.


Project Objectives

Social Media Marketing

Vaasara requested us to assist with their day to day social media content creation that ranged from posts on their social channels to stories on Instagram. The aim of this collaboration was to bring uniformity and fresh thinking into the overall marketing strategy of Vaasara whilst maintaining the existing brand image that was created by the in house team.

Website Design

Vaasara was in need of a brand new website that could be showcased to investors as well as assist with onboarding and showcasing salons, spas and clinics on the platform. Vaasara also requested for a clean minimalist design that complimented the existing branding.

Video Campaign

Roughpaper proposed a video campaign for valentines day to showcase the use case of the app for men and women during valentines day 2021. The project would be undertaken by Roughpaper and would feature a short story depicted in a cinematic manner. 

Project results

Social Media
Marketing Statistics

0 %
Growth in
Instagram followers
0 %
Increase in
Engagement Rate

Video Campaign Statistics

0 +
Reached Organically
0 +

Social Media Marketing

We worked in collaboration with the in-house marketing team to come up to fresh new marketing content and bring about organic growth to the social channels. Our primary focus was to introduce a human element to the brand and entice customers to try out the amazing features of the app. We worked on primarily organic lead generation and campaigns in order to maximize the marketing budget.


We redesigned the Vaasara website with 7 additional sub pages that were structured in a manner that was intuitive to the user visiting the site. The new website also featured the minimalist style that Vaasara requested whilst not compromising on content. We worked hand in hand with the in house development team of Vaasara to develop the website.


We created a short promotional video that featured 2 models from our network who enacted a simple script that showcased the power of Vaasara as an application for positive transformation during Valentines day. The closing catch phrase of the video was “This Valentine’s day transform yourself from a caveman to a Gentleman”. 

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