Casestudy: Takaful Emarat


Takaful Emarat


December 2020

Project Type:

Email Marketing
Digital Marketing

Client Overview

Takaful Emarat Insurance PSC which was established in 2008, is a leading Shariah-compliant Life and Health Takaful Provider in the UAE. Takaful Emarat markets a wide range of individual and corporate life and health insurance products including protection, savings and investment plans through variety of distribution channels.

Takaful Emarat is UAE’s largest Takaful (Islamic Insurance) provider, with a database of over 350k customers. 


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Project Objectives


Takaful Emarat requested a complete redesign in their brand strategy which included their logo, brochures, brand guide as well as office stationery and employee identity cards. Our objective was to come up with a professional corporate branding that would stand out from their competitors along with a brand catch phrase to create more awareness and be recognized as a peoples brand.

Digital Marketing

Our objective with Takaful Emarat’s Digital Marketing segment was to co-ordinate with the Marketing head to create content for the various insurance offerings of Takaful Emarat, curate brand campaigns and collaborations as well as create content that fulfilled the moment marketing needs of the brand.

Email Marketing

Our objective with Takaful Emarat’s Email Marketing segment was to launch email marketing campaigns from scratch by segmenting and targeting various customer groups, primarily Premium Health Insurance customers. 

Project results


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We created a professional brand guide that was implemented across all branded materials. The re-branding executed by us was also implemented on all official stationery as well as the marketing materials. This change in branding was implemented in record time considering the scale of the requested changes. 

Digital Marketing

We created social media and Google AD content that featured Health, Health+, Accident, Life and Term Insurance offerings. We also worked on promotional campaigns that featured packages from and Holiday Factory. Our content was featured on all the social media channels of Takaful Emarat and resulted in a growth in engagement across all channels.

Email Marketing

We recommended and then proceeded to actively work with the development team at Active Campaign to custom build an email marketing package that suited the needs of Takaful Emarat. We handled a database of over 70K customers with an open rate of 30% which is relatively higher than industry standard.

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