Elon Musk: The Marketing Genius

elon musk photo

Today’s blog is about Elon Musk who is probably my biggest role model and inspiration. We’ll focus on his insane antics and the manner in which he is able to market a multitude of brands without spending a penny on advertising. Elon is an absolute genius in the field of marketing and he does so […]

President Yeezy: The Marketing Genius


Today’s blog is about the man, the myth, the self proclaimed legend and probably the future president of the United States of America (press X to doubt) Kanye West. We will delve deeper in particular to his brand Yeezy, his marketing strategies and the craze that surrounds it. It seems like not a week goes […]

Supreme: The Birth Of Hype Marketing


This blog revolves around the brand that redefined streetwear and party created the ‘DROP CULTURE’. No we are not talking about RIPNDIP (although you should check them out) we are talking about the iconic red and white Supreme. We will also be unfolding the unconventional strategy that led a streetwear brand to a billion dollar […]